Wall saw blade – W16

W16 WS Bond – Proven to cut faster, last longer and have a more consistent cut than the world’s leading diamond blade brands.

W16 is an innovative, ultra high specification Diamond Blade that has been described as a ‘game changer’ in diamond blade technology by wall saw operators.

  • W16Speed with up to 30%-40% More Speed on Wall Blades than any other diamond blade competitors.
  • W16Lifespan with up to 40% More cutting life on wall saw  blades than the next most popular brand with our 16mm segments height.
  • W16Design  with better side clearance, segment shape and diamond positioning for reduced friction and improved consistency of cut. 
  • W16Innovation compared to other blade products – W16 is our latest product that has been developed using a totally new methodology.  This gives W16 a trailblazing advantage in speed, life and cost of ownership versus others.  With a comprehensive range of specifications that can be used effectively for all applications and aggregates – including extremely high reinforced concrete with heavy rebar such as bank vaults.

24” to 78” available in different thickness.

All bolt pattern available.

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