DiamondBack specializes in making blades. Whether cutting asphalt, rock or even cement, DiamondBack has the solution for you. Our experts will be happy to advise you through your renovation process. We’ll work closely with you to find the blade you need. DiamondBack has designed many different blades for specific projects, so we can be the solution for your project. Our USA and Canada based manufacturing capabilities allow us to respond quickly to urgent requests, and we stock many of our most popular products for immediate shipment.

Asphalt Blade 1
Asphalt Over Concrete 2
Concrete Blade 5
Core bits 13
Core drill 2
Curb Cutting 2
Cut off saw 4
Diamond chain 3
Diamond Wire 2
Equipment 1
Hycon 21
Hydraulic Hand Saw Blade 0
Looping & Grooving Blade 1
Masonry Blade 0
Paver Blade 0
Power pack 14
Ring Blade 2
Ring saw 1
Tile Blade 0
Uncategorized 0
Wall Saw Blade 2

Ring Blade – Steel cutting

High Speed – Cured concrete Blade

Looping & Grooving Blade

Handsaw blade

Curb Cutting blade

Ring blade

Wall saw blade – CA418

Wall saw blade – W16

Overlay – Slab blade diesel Asphalt over concrete

Overlay – Flat saw asphalt over concrete blade

Asphalt – Slab saw asphalt blade

Green concrete – Slab saw green concrete blade