Hydraulic Power Pack HPP26D Multiflex – Diesel

The HPP26D Multiflex is the most powerful diesel driven powerpack in the HYCON product range.

The powerpack is powered by a durable 26 hp water cooled Lombardini engine that delivers an output flow of either single flow of 1x 20, 30, 40, 60 l.p.m. or dual flow of 2x 15, 20, 30 l.p.m.

The powerpack is the preferred all-round powerpack for areas where electric or petrol driven engines are not allowed, and where you need a powerpack that can run continuously for many hours without a stop.

The powerpack is the preferred choice for heavy duty tasks, as it can handle even the most demanding tools and jobs. The dual flow is perfect when you want to run two tools simultaneously, for instance an 18” saw and a breaker or two 30 l.p.m. pumps.

Not CE nor EPA approved – Only for sale outside of EU and USA

Please note: Only for sale outside EU and USA.

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